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See what others are saying about this amazing, patented, home security device! Who has a key to your door? Remember, when in doubt KeyPout!


WARNING! Your Security May Be At Risk.  STOP Lock Bumping Now! KEYPOUT Prevents Lock Bumping!
Is Your Security at Risk?
When In Doubt  - KEYPOUT!

KeyPout: The Affordable and Versatile Home Security Product

KeyPout was developed to keep your dead bolt locked even if someone has a key to your home! Homeowners, renters and condo owners have maintenance people, pest control people, and landlords that may enter their home at any time and there is nothing they can do, unless they buy the new amazing KeyPout! Order Yours Today!
If you have a Standard Dead Bolt KeyPout Will Work For You!
KeyPout slides over your dead bolt and prevents the lock from turning! It is so easy to use and anyone can do it! Click here to Order Your KeyPout Today!
KeyPout Is The New Amazing Home Security Product.
KeyPout has gone through years of testing and fine-tuning rendering KeyPout so effective that it was recently issued U.S. Patent No.  7,144,052. What is the price of your privacy? This remarkable product was designed to be affordable so that you could purchase extras for all your friends and family alike! You deserve to feel safe in your own home and you deserve your privacy. KeyPout is the best and most affordable way to maintain your privacy. Order KeyPout Today!

KeyPout is a great security product for:

  • Renters
  • Condo Owners
  • Home Owners
  • Single Women
  • Single Moms
  • Single Dads
  • Moms With Toddlers
  • Day Care Facilities
  • Offices
  • College Students
  • Travelers
  • Senior Citizens
  • Teens That Are Home Alone
  • Babysitters
  • Military Families
  • Gifts
  • Thank you for ordering your KeyPout today.

    And Remember -Who has a key to your door? When in doubt KEYPOUT.

    "Click here to send a friend or loved ones some privacy today!"